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Created on 2011-05-26 20:17:45 (#897364), never updated

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Birthdate:Jun 15, 1983
Location:Illinois, United States of America
Needs to be updated.

Interests (150):

accessibility, activism, advocacy, altruism, antarctica, anxiety, aromatherapy, authenticity, avalon organics, avoidance, beaches, being easily amused, being present, being too damned sensitive, benzodiazepines, body-image, break the cycle, break the silence, broken heart, butterflies, chicago, chronic illness, coffee shops, compassion, complex ptsd, counseling, courage, decorating, depression, deserts, disability rights, disability studies, disordered eating, dissociation, diversity, documentaries, eastern orthodoxy, empathy, empowerment, emptiness, ethics, evanescence, exploring new places, fear, feeling alive, feeling loved, feeling safe, feeling special, finding happiness, finding peace, free spirits, free will, fuel & fuddle, gender, generalized anxiety disorder, girl interrupted, going out to eat, good coffee, grace, grief, guilt, having fun, healing, hiking, honesty, hope, house m.d., human rights, independence, inner child, innocence, integrity, intelligence, introversion, intuition, jesus, jewish culture, jodi picoult, kindred spirits, kitties, lavender, learned helplessness, lebers congenital amaurosis, life after death, loneliness, long conversations, love without condition, lurlene mcdaniel, lyrics, making a difference, married life, marya hornbacher, meaningful relationships, memoirs, memories, mental illness, messianic judaism, mochas, myers-briggs, natural disasters, nightmares, numbness, open-mindedness, overheard bus conversations, passion, people watching, philosophy, platonic soul mates, playgrounds, post traumatic stress disorder, psychology, public transportation, purring, quotations, random acts of kindness, reading, road trips, rollerblading, sarah dessen, sarah mclachlan, self-acceptance, self-efficacy, self-harm, shopping, social model of disability, social work, solitary walks, soren kierkegaard, special moments, spring time, stories of survival, stuffed animals, suicide, swimming, taking pictures, the ocean, theology, thrift stores, thunderstorms, trust, truth, understanding, uniqueness, vienna teng, volunteering, water, wildlife, wisdom, wonder, yearning
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